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Monday, February 28, 2005
the end...  
Yep, I think that's it...for a while. see ya later. Go barca!!
1:46 pm | |
Friday, January 14, 2005
End of an era  
<>Today marks the end of an era. At 12 midnight, TTT and the entire NBN network comes to an end. The end of the radio stations, with the exception of maybe Radio 610 AM and 100 FM, do not bring out the same sentimentality as that of TTT. We grew up knowing and watching people like Auntie Hazel, Holly and Alysson Henessey. Panorama was the flagship news program for many years. TTT does not have too bad a line-up either, with programmes like Cold Case, JAG, The Practice, Sesame Street, The Young & the Restless and one of my personal favourites, Boston Public. Even long standing programmes like Mastana Bahar and Scrunting…um, Scouting for Talent will be coming off the air. It’s sad, really. 100 FM and 610 AM were some of the first radio stations on the air. I remember listening to “dub” on a Saturday night on 100 and 95.1 and making tapes.

My village, and a number of surrounding areas as far as Barrackpore, have not had a pipe-borne supply of water for almost two weeks now. I have about a half-tank of water remaining of three tanks; that’s about 200 gallons. WASA says they’re fixing a main and it’ll be another two weeks (in Trinidad time that means a month) before we can get a pipe-borne supply. In the meantime, they will supply us with truck-borne water, but of course, the truckers will charge for it although it’s supposed to be free. I eh paying. There’s lots of rain; I’ll set up my spouting.

And I bought myself $1400 Air Max sneakers two evenings ago, but I got them at half-price. They're preeeeety :-)

1:30 pm | |
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
No resolutions  
<>I never make resolutions. So this year, I have not resolved to get my licence, get in shape (round is a shape, right?), get my finances in order, or anything with school for that matter. Last year, I didn’t resolve to do those same things. So it’s been a month that I haven’t blogged. I don’t intend for things to get any better anytime soon. I just don’t have the time or resources that I used to while I was in school full time. <>

TSTT, again, is a real pain in the ass. We, meaning the office, have been trying to get DSL. We signed up for it in the final days of October last year. To this day we have not gotten service. Good thing the first month is free. When that first month starts, I don’t know. It took a while for whatever line testing was to be done and they were supposed to call us to come collect the modem and to tell us that the line was ready, and so they called to collect the modem. I went twice; got it the second time. The line still wasn’t ready when I collected the modem in December. Then when line and modem was ready to go, it ain’t workin. So now a technician needs to come into the office; exactly what we’ve been trying to avoid. Don’t ask.

So I’m finally going to get myself a pc in the first half of this year. Then I could start repaying my student loan and get some medical insurance. Hopefully I won’t need to be hospitalised before then. Medical system in this country sucks. Christmas was quiet. My big sis who now resides in England was here for a couple weeks. Had to buy gifts for seven nieces and nephews. Wasn’t too bad. Did nothing for Old Year’s night, as usual. Got tight in TGI Friday’s in Gulf City for Xmas Eve and that was all the excitement I had for the entire holiday season. I need another holiday. I was home for almost 3 weeks. I don’t think I’ll be getting any holidays like that anytime soon again. Nice while it lasted.

10:50 am | |
Friday, December 17, 2004
old sperm">
2:32 pm | |
Monday, December 13, 2004
For what it's worth...  
For what it's worth, Onika Bostic sang my most fav song of the cyarnivle 2k5 so far: "All is yours". Hear line: "Hope you like chocolate baby, that is the taste of my body..." Style!! Poor thing... If you ask me, reckless driving causes the majority of accidents on the roads. Note: I said the majority. I see some drivers do some things eh...I saw one make a third lane on the highway between 2 cars already. Somehow I don't have that need or speed or to cuss ppl on the road. Not that I drive, but still... It's just too much carnage. And the friggin traffic...
11:24 am | |

Who's to say where the wind will take you
Who's to know what it is will break you
I don't know where the wind will blow
Who's to know when the time has come around
I don't wanna see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye
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